What is the difference between Avandrive Backup and Storage?
Posted on January 25, 2013
What is the difference between Avandrive Backup and Storage?

Avandrive offers a selection of different cloud storage products aimed Home Users, Business Users and affiliates. These packages offer two main cloud services; Backup and Storage.



What is Backup?


When you install the Avandrive desktop software on your computer you will be asked which folders you would like to backup. The software then creates a mirror of these folders on our servers in the cloud. Our software works automatically in the background, backing up your files while you work. The real time backup makes sure that after you saved and closed the file it will instantly create a copy into the cloud. No interruptions and especially no need to leave your computer on overnight. After you turn off your PC, the next time when you turn it on Avandrive Backup will continue working from where it left last time. If you edit a file, Avandrive will replace the old file with the new one. In case you accidentally remove a file from your computer you can review your deleted files on the Avandrive web portal and recover the file 30 days after the file has been deleted from your recycle bin. Avandrive makes sure that your data can instantly be recovered at any time, one-by-one or all together back to your PC or Mac. Simply install the Avandrive Restore program and click the download button.


Backup basically stops you from losing your files if your computer has a virus or a mechanical failure. This is a simple service which is perfect for people who want things to happen automatically.



What is Storage?


Avandrive’s Storage gives you your very own internet cloud drive to drag and drop your data which you can then access from your Pc, Mac, Smartphone, tablet or even your smart TV. Simply upload your chosen files to the cloud drive and then access them and make the changes you wish. After you save your files will be automatically synchronized across all of your devices. This allows you to work on files from multiple computers and stops you from carrying hard drives or USB keys with you. Storage also allows users to share files with their friends or colleagues via a built-in web sharing function with no restrictions on space. Simply select which files you want your friends to have access to and place them in the web sharing folder. You can select if you want the files to be visible to a specific friend or available for everyone to view and download.


Storage is simply a way to access and edit your files securely on the cloud. You can edit your files easily from a range of devices and share data with otherpeople.



What is the difference between Backup and Storage?

Backup keeps a copy of all of the files that are on your computer in the cloud. It’s very easy to use and install and you don’t have to change the way you work. Your files are just in the cloud, and you can view them on the web or from your phone, and restore them back to your computer at any time. However if you want to access these files from another computer you have to log into your Avandrive web portal to view your files – they don’t sync between your computers.


Storage is your own personal cloud storage space, and appears like a new drive on all of your computers. You can use the drive just like any other disk drive. Any files you save to that drive are synced between all of your devices. Avandrive Storage allows you to access your files from your personal cloud drive and in a similar way as to Backup you can access them from the web from any device. Storage makes it easy to work from anywhere on the same files – without emailing yourself or carrying around a USB stick. Storage also lets you share files with friends and family with one click.


How can I get Storage and Backup?


Backup is available on the Avandrive website here


Storage is available on the Avandrive website here


Experience the full power of Avandrive Pro that provides both Storage and Backup services in one package. This will automatically backup all of your files on the cloud and will allow you to place files in your Storage to view or edit from any other devices.


Pro is available on the Avandrive website here

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