The History of the Cloud
Posted on January 14, 2013
The History of the Cloud

Many people think that cloud computing is a new concept; however, this idea was actually formed back in the 1960’s. A man called Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider or J.C.R. was one of America’s best computer scientists. He foresaw the modern style of interactive computing and believed we should create a global computer network where people could access programs and data from any place in the world. J.C.R. funded the creation of ARPANET in the late 60’s which offered universities the ability to access files from a remote device.


Not long after J.C.R’s creation, another computer scientist called John McCarthy, who was well-known for coining the term “artificial intelligence”, also believed that we would have a world-wide computer network. His idea was of a network being delivered as a public utility.


It wasn’t until 1989 that Tim Berners-Lee created the first page on the World Wide Web and the ideas of J.C.R. and McCarthy started to truly come to fruition. Then the Mosaic web browser was released in 1993, and allowed people to access the web in the same way we do today. Five years later (1994) the search engines and blogs were created. This made the web easy to navigate and provided users with the ability to create their own page with relatively ease.


During the 90’s this kind of data storage technology was still nameless, until 1997 when Ramnath Chellappa an information systems professor came up with the term “cloud computing”.


As the cloud technology continued to evolve, businesses saw a need for cloud solutions. Some years later, companies began to switch from hardware to cloud services due to ease of use and a decrease in corporate costs. During this big boom in cloud storage technology, some companies created services to meet the demand. One of those was Avandrive.


This technological revolution resulted in offering additional features as more users started using the cloud storage, such as the ability to edit files online. This gave users a powerful cloud computing solution and allowed people to manage their files from any computer.

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