Hurricane Sandy a Devastating Reminder of Why Cloud Backup is Vital
Posted on January 07, 2015
Hurricane Sandy a Devastating Reminder of Why Cloud Backup is Vital

We’re all aware of the devastation natural disasters can deliver throughout the world, such as tornados, tsunamis and hurricanes. Some populations of the world are used to such realities they know they may face several times within their lifetime. But there are also many other lower risk areas of the world that can be struck, feeling Mother Nature’s wrath with little warning.

Such was the case just 2 years ago when hurricane Sandy left Eastern portions of the United States such as New York and New-Jersey under four meters of water, flooding numerous tunnels, streets and subway lines, cutting off power in many city and suburban areas.

Sadly there is no way of stopping heartbreaking disasters such as these from happening and taking with them people’s homes and possessions. They may take computers and mobile devices with them, but one thing they don’t have to take for good is data due to services offered by Avandrive cloud backup.

Avandrive can offer anyone in the world the opportunity to backup their data to offsite servers which are specifically built with the highest levels of durability and reliance throughout their design requirements. Avandrive has military grade levels of encryption (AES 256) to ensure pinnacle data protection is in full operation around the clock, coupled with software that can automatically backup users’ data from computers and linked devices daily. Whether it’s a natural disaster or simply a hard drive crash that should occur, all data can then be recovered quickly through any device with an internet connection.

Since much of our lives are now built of data, such as important documents used in the home and business, along with music, videos and photos, it would seem that Avandrive cloud backup is something we could all do with.

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