Avandrive Cloud in Your Pocket
Posted on December 03, 2014
Avandrive Cloud in Your Pocket

Cloud backup & storage has evolved drastically over the past year. No longer is it a service that’s limited to just desktop and notebook computers, it’s now literally available from our very pockets—that meaning our mobile devices, of course.

Since most of us spend a large portion of our days away from the house, it’s never been more essential to have access to our important files on the move. With Avandrive backup and storage, we can all finally say farewell to carrying around those pesky CDs and flash sticks in favor of downloading and uploading our photos, music and videos directly through our smart phones.

And data isn’t just stored anywhere, it’s stored in incredibly secure data centers, where files are guarded behind pinnacle levels of encryption when travelling to and from, and in storage. This encryption grade is often used as the security standard within the banking industry.

Other online backup aspects which can be enjoyed are features such as automated camera roll backups, and file syncing, which can share commonly accessed files between other linked devices (such as a computer and tablet).

Avandrive offers cloud backup and storage mobile apps for all kinds of pocket devices, such as those which use the highly popular iOS, and Android operating systems.


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