New iOS App for iPhones and iPads
Posted on September 20, 2013
New iOS App for iPhones and iPads

We are proud to announce today the launching of the new iOS App for iPhones and iPads.
We have spent the past few months looking through your comments to find out what areas of the application you liked and which parts you think could be improved. Today our plan has come to fruition and version 2.5 for iOS is now available to all our customers.

What has changed in version 2.5?

 Rewrite nearly all the backend code for the software. This has made the app more stable and has removed a range of bugs. This was a big task for the team but we feel it was worth it and we are sure you will notice the difference.

Major upgrade to support iPhone 5 and iOS 6 features which also includes stability and security improvements.
We have also added our new video player 2.0 to the app. This will give iPhone and iPad users the same great movie streaming experience that we provide on our Web Portal and Android devices.

App gives you online space to securely store and access all of your files online. This enables you to safely view and download any file to any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

The new app for iPhone and iPad includes the following features:
· Access and download your files anywhere
· View your photos in slideshow mode
· Music streaming
· Watch videos by just clicking play – there is no need to download the file first
· Open your Office documents anywhere
· Read PDFs on-the-go

How can I upgrade to version 2.5?

If you have already installed Open Access on your iPhones and iPads you will receive an automatic update today. Customers who have not yet installed it on their devices can download version 2.5 from the app store now:  

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