Posted on March 06, 2015

Cloud backup is the number one way everyone should use to keep all of their files safe.

Cloud Backup is Now Number One
Posted on February 09, 2015

‘Things To Do’ lists are the bane of modern day life but Avandrive can help you cross off more than one item!

Cut Your ‘Things To Do List’ with Avandrive
Posted on January 16, 2015

Gone are the days of external hard drives having to be linked up every time you wanted to store a copy of something new. Gone are the days of having to copy as many files as you could to a succession of CDs in order to keep them for backup or to share them with a friend. If the 21st century has given us nothing else (dramatization) it has given us cloud backup. The easiest and most secure way to store our data.

Cloud Backup, it couldn’t be simpler!
Posted on January 07, 2015

We’re all aware of the devastation natural disasters can deliver throughout the world, such as tornados, tsunamis and hurricanes. Some populations of the world are used to such realities they know they may face several times within their lifetime. But there are also many other lower risk areas of the world that can be struck, feeling Mother Nature’s wrath with little warning.

Hurricane Sandy a Devastating Reminder of Why Cloud Backup is Vital
Posted on December 08, 2014

Getting published in paper has never been easy. But nowadays it could be said that it’s even more difficult since publishers have become very stringent on who they open the door to due to the economic climate. This could mean that there’s now an even larger portion of unsigned authors with great potential out there who are being overlooked by agents.

Why eBook Authors Should Invest in Cloud Backup
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