Using Avandrive While on Vacation: A Smart Way to Travel
Posted on May 28, 2013
Using Avandrive While on Vacation: A Smart Way to Travel

Every year millions of people leave the country to travel to sunnier shores. While many of us want to be disconnected from the world during our travels, we still want to have access to our favorite files. We like to listen to music while sunbathing and watch TV programs and films on the plane. However, by taking large hard drives or multiple devices on your trip will add to your suitcase’s weight and aren’t very travel-friendly. At Avandrive we believe one device is the best solution and it should not weigh more than your flip-flops.

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are great options because they are easy to curry and they offer you the same luxuries as you PC. However there is one area they full short on – storage. Even the latest iPhone or Android devices tend to have a maximum of 64GB of internal space. That means the songs that fits the mood or the TV series you love watching isn’t necessarily available to you when you want it.

To answer your storage problems we suggest Avandrive Storage. With Avandrive Storage you can easily listen to all your music, watch your videos or take as many pictures as you wish to remember your never-to-be-forgotten summer vacations. Our upgradable cloud storage product allows you to securely store over 500 GBs of files in the cloud and access them from your phone, tablet, laptop and computer via an internet connection at any time. We also offer the option to access your files from all your devices without an internet connection by using our special application.  This means that you can listen to any song you choose while you are lying by the pool, watch your favourite TV shows on the plane during your flight or view, edit and share your photos and documents at any time easily and securely with your Avandrive Storage account.

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