Why You Need Cloud Backup
Posted on November 24, 2014
Why You Need Cloud Backup

It seems to be on everyone’s lips, doesn’t it? Cloud backup this, cloud backup that. But why do you need it? What’s the big fuss really about?

This is an article for anyone who missed that memo…

Think of it this way. How do you backup your music, videos, photos and documents at the moment? Is it through DVD’s, CD’s, flash drives, and mobile hard drives? If it is, then you should be aware of how vulnerable these storage devices really are. Because not only are they not built to last for particularly long, they can also fall prey to loss, theft, accidental damage, corruption and failure. Even local backup software can be rendered useless if your hard drive were to be hit with a crippling virus.

Enter Avandrive cloud backup and its countless advantages:

- Avandrive Cloud backup stores your files on a third-party data center that is protected 24/7 with the highest grades of security software encryption

- Storage packages range anywhere from gigabytes to terabytes, with Avandrive offering limitless space

- Avandrive Cloud backup eliminates the need for manual backups by scheduling its own that it runs automatically

- Worldwide recovery and synchronization is available through portable devices such as smart phones, notebooks and tablets

- Affordable and is cost efficient due to savings in purchases of CD’s and flash drives, etc

- Great additional features such as File Sharing and File Syncing allow highly efficient file transfers and any location access to important files instantly

- With the implementation of Avandrive cloud backup, worries of damage, loss and theft of CD’s, etc, and file loss due to hard drive failure become a thing of the past

So, can you really afford to rely on anything but Avandrive cloud backup?


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