About Us
About Avandrive

Avandrive offers an innovative cloud storage technology that allows people to backup and store any type of personal or organizational data. Now you can access and share your documents, photos, videos and any other digital content anywhere and anytime easily and securely.

With more than 14 years of expertise in Programming, Hosting and Cloud Computing, Avandrive is now transformed to enhance the cloud storage technology with the intention to provide the world with security and flexibility through our-world class solutions.

Our experienced team is committed to create extraordinary solutions and guide you through to the new era of safe and real time backup and storage. We are dedicated to the development of new features and at the same time to offer affordable cloud storage solutions to the entire Avandrive family.

"I use Avandrive everyday and i love it."
- Sotos Aristotelous

Avandrive intends to become one of the world's most trusted cloud backup and storage service for home and business. We will provide our people with security and flexibility to backup and store their data over the internet easily, through our world-class solution.


The mission of Avandrive is to provide individuals and businesses simple but powerful cloud services in order to protect and access their data anytime and anywhere.

Compatible with any device.
PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, iPads - you can access your files on any device. Easy.
Compatible with any device