Get the Powerful Avandrive Pro Today and Cloud-connect the Entire Family!
Posted on April 29, 2013
Get the Powerful Avandrive Pro Today and Cloud-connect the Entire Family!

Did you get your children tablets last Christmas? Or is a Notebook or a Smartphone on your own Birthday wish list?


Once you have started using your new high-tech PC, Smartphone or Tablet, you will realize that with a limited storage memory, you won’t be able to adjust all of your favourite songs, videos, and docs onto your device.


This is where a single Avandrive Pro account can help your entire family. Simply get an Avandrive Pro package, place all your families’ files in the cloud, and then access them from all of your family’s devices.

To help you set up Avandrive for your entire family, please follow our simple step by step guide:



Step 1: Place files in the cloud

• Simply sign up for one Avandrive Pro account through our website.

• Create a folder for each family member in your Avandrive Storage.

• Now log into your web portal from each of your families computers and simply upload their files to their folder in the cloud.



Step 2: Viewing files on your tablets

• Go to the app store on each of your family’s devices.

• Search for “Open Access” and download our app.

• Login to the app using your Avandrive username and password.

• Select the correct family member’s Storage and views their files.



Step 3: Play Movies, music and view pictures

Avandrive isn’t just a great way to store files; you can also play them directly through the Avandrive app as well. Simply open a video on your open access app and it will begin playing – just like Youtube but this time without the loading procedure since Avandrive offers you live streaming. You can also listen to your songs by just clicking “play” and create playlists in seconds. Photos can be viewed in slideshow mode and you can view your documents and spreadsheets in seconds.

For more information about Avandrive’s amazing cloud services simply click here

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