Data Loss Could Happen to ‘Anyone’…
Posted on January 17, 2014
Data Loss Could Happen to ‘Anyone’…

Data loss can happen to anyone. And when we say ‘anyone’, this is absolutely true.

Well, here’s a good example for you. Heard of a little company called Pixar, by any chance? The makers of a number of animated blockbusters? Thought you might have.

Anyway, it has now been revealed that one of their most successful features, Toy Story 2, was almost completely erased after a member of staff deleted it from a server. In fact, the whole server was wiped clean…

Suddenly your bad day at the office seems rather heavenly, doesn’t it?

But, luckily, as you know because of its huge success at the box office, Toy Story 2 of course did not suffer permanent erasure. A visual arts director with a copy on their laptop can be thanked for this.

It goes without saying that if there’d been a more full-proof disaster recovery plan in place then this little incident—and half a dozen company director’s heart attacks—could have been avoided.

And so in light of this, you have to ask yourself whether your own current data continuity plans are realistic and can save you from not just accidental deletion, but a range of other horrific disasters such as hard drive corruption, failure, damage, and virus and malware infestation.

Ever considered cloud backup?

You should for a few, if not many reasons. First of all, cloud backup is remarkably affordable—always a good thing. It can also backup your data on a real time basis and offer you instant access to it from remote servers should a tragedy strike.

With cloud backup you can finally say goodbye to data loss worries for good!

So why not invest in your data’s future?

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