Which files and folders should not be backed up?
Posted on May 21, 2013
Which files and folders should not be backed up?

The Avandrive Backup product gives you the option to backup an unlimited amount of files on the cloud. All of your important office documents, images, music, videos etc. can be kept safe in their original folder on the cloud. Nevertheless, storing every file from your computer to the cloud is not a good idea. This is because some of the files on your computer are specific to that installation, and will not work if they are placed on another device. Adding unnecessary files to your backup set will also increase the time it takes to upload your files to the cloud and in some cases will stop the files uploading that you wish to upload. Below we have written a list of the things you should not backup to the cloud.


Temporary Files

Computers contain folders which store temporary files. These files could be from websites, programs, unsaved office documents and many more. The contents of the temporary folder on your computer will constantly modify, with many files being created, updated, and deleted. The problem with backing up this folder is that it will be scanned by Avandrive, and will mark many files for uploading/updating on each scan. This will greatly increase the total time it takes for you to upload your files to the cloud and the temporary files are essentially inconsequential.


Windows and Mac files

Each Operating System contains their own set of essential system files and folders. On Windows these can be found in C:/Windows and on Mac they are placed in a range of locations on your drive. Some users select to backup these folders believing it will help them restore their entire computer if they have an issue. Unfortunately Windows and Mac OS X do not work like this and you will not be able to restore the Operating System by downloading the backed up files. This is because many of the files on your computer are specific to that computer, and will not work if they are placed on another machine. As with the temporary folder, many items in the operating system folder will also change and be uploaded frequently. To reduce the time it takes to upload content we would suggest not backing up O.S. Files.


Program Files

When you install a program on your computer the software creates its own folder on your drive. Some users believe backing up the program folder will allow them to place the software on another computer, but this is not typically the case. When the software is installed files are placed in other areas of the computer and some other system files will be edited. We suggest that you do not back up program folders and instead back up the install files or folders.


How do I remove folders from Backup?

To remove folders from you Backup list please right click on the Avandrive icon on the bottom right of your screen in the system tray near the clock, and select “Manage Backups”.

The Manage Backups menu will contain a list of folders on your computer. Any folder with a tick next to it is currently being backed up or is in the process of being backed up. If a folder has a green square it means you are backing up some of the content of the folder such as a file or subfolder.

We suggest making sure the following files on Windows and Mac are not backed up;



1. “C:Windows” Folder
2. “C:Program Files” or “C:Program Files (x86)”
3. “C:Users” or “C:Documents and Settings” (you can select folders within the User accounts such as My                   Documents, My Videos, My Pictures, My Music, Favourites etc)
4. “C:Users{username}AppData”
5. System Settings
6. System Files
7. “C:Users{username}Ntuser.dat”
8. Live databases (exchange or SQL)



1. The entire “/User/” folder (you can select folders within the User accounts such as Documents, Videos,                     Pictures, Music etc.)
2. The entire  “/Library/” Folder
3. Applications Folder
4. Utilities Folder
5. Downloads Folder
6. Public Folder
7. Trash


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