Recognizing the Reality Of Cloud Computing
Posted on June 27, 2013
Recognizing the Reality Of Cloud Computing

Are you on Facebook?     Do you have a Gmail account?  If so, then you are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing – which is simply the ability to access and use storage hardware, software, support and maintenance services via an external cloud solutions provider.

Think of cloud computing as a utility, like electricity, telecoms or water. Do you have your own windmill in your back yard? Do you know what allows you to make phone calls from your mobile phones anywhere in the world? Do you collect your water from rainfall on your roof? Probably not! All you care to know is that you can shower, watch TV and make a phone call whenever you need to.

From there it’s just a small mental step to cloud computing. With Avandrive cloud solutions, you no longer need to physically possess a server or software application. You don’t have to regularly maintain you IT infrastructure, upgrade your software, or expand your storage capacity yourself. There is no more need for you to worry about tackling system breakdowns – at worst you will complain to the providers and they will take care of it, if they haven’t already done so before you notice it.

All you have to do is define your needs, subscribe with Avandrive Cloud Technology Solutions and pay for the package that suits you, just like you would choose a telecom package.

And yet, many businesses still have trouble overcoming the “security” threshold. They still feel more comfortable having their client information, invoicing and many other sensitive materials in-house, rather than in some unknown location. In actual fact though it is easier to break into an office and steal your data than it is to hack into a reliable cloud system. Because reputable cloud service providers like Avandrive can implement far better security measurement and guarantees than an individual company could ever afford.

If you think about it, it’s amazing to see how easily companies hand over their money to a bank, but have second thoughts about handing over data. Does anybody know where the banks keep our money? All we know is that we can go to the bank and collect our money when we need it. And the same applies to cloud. It is a software and hardware bank, with similar support at an agreed ‘handling fee’.

The benefits of Avandrive cloud computing range from the accessibility to scalability and price elasticity. Need more storage capacity? Would you like to add more users? Just upgrade your package. A new version of your data management software has been launched? You will enjoy it without even asking. IT maintenance staff and support? All in the package! Last but not least, Avandrive allows you to spread you cost. There is sizeable investment in software or hardware, only a fixed and limited monthly or yearly fee.

As a concept, Avandrive’s cloud computing allows you to save your financial and human resources for your core business, rather than having them drained by IT requirements. If you’d like to learn more about Avandrive’s innovative cloud solution then you can have a look at www.avandrive.com

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